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Extended deadline for abstracts 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop. February 9th, 2018.

Market Situations – Situated Markets: 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop. Copenhagen Business School, June 6 – 8, 2018. Keynote speakers: Jens Beckert and Eve Chiapello. Extended Deadline for Abstracts: February 9th, 2018.  

We invite contributors to submit an extended abstract of 2-3 pages (incl. references) to markets2018.mpp@cbs.dk. Proposals should indicate topic, theoretical positioning, methodology and outline findings, if appropriate. Inquiries about the workshop can be made to the workshop organisers. We will notify contributors about acceptance in early March. As in previous years, in order to facilitate discussion at the sessions, we will make papers available beforehand. Full papers should therefore be emailed by Monday May 7th, at the very latest. Information about the workshop, local arrangements, affordable local hotel accommodation, the final programme, etc. will be uploaded on the conference webpage: www.tilmeld.dk/Markets2018.

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Table ronde “Connaissances dans le marché”


La Société d’Anthropologie des Connaissances et le comité de rédaction de la Revue d’Anthropologie des Connaissances organisent une table ronde le vendredi 27 mars de 9h à 13h à l’occasion de la sortie du nouveau numéro de la revue, consacré aux «Connaissances dans le marché» et co-édité par Ronan Le Velly (SupAgro, UMR Innovation) et Frédéric Goulet (CIRAD, UMR Innovation). Cette table ronde rassemble les éditeurs et les auteurs des articles du dossier : Vincent Cardon (Univ. Amiens, CURAPP-ESS), Liliana Doganova (Mines ParisTech, CSI), Alexandre Mallard (Mines ParisTech, CSI), Gérard Marty (LEF), Tommaso Pardi (ENS Cachan, IDHE) et Jean-Marie Pillon (CEE). La discussion sera initiée par Philippe Steiner (Univ. Paris Sorbonne, GEMASS) et Etienne Nouguez (CNRS, CSO), et animée par Ashveen Peerbaye (UPEM, LISIS).

La table ronde aura lieu à la Sorbonne, salle F 673, au bout de la Galerie Gerson, Esc. G2, 1er Etage.. Le dossier est disponible sur le portail CAIRN : http://www.cairn.info/revue-anthropologie-des-connaissances-2015-1.htm Le visionnage de cette table ronde sera disponible en ligne sur le site (http://ifris.org).

Cfp_EGOS Sub-theme 25: Devising Markets and Other Valuation Sites

Devising Markets and Other Valuation Sites. Convened by Liz McFall, Claes-Frederik Helgesson and Pascale Trompette. Invites papers exploring how markets and other valuation sites are ‘devised’ through the interaction of practices, processes and technologies. The aim is to further develop understanding of the role of knowledge and devices in shaping economies and markets in two ways.

  • First, this sub-theme will explore the dynamic practices of ‘devising’. What forms of reasoning, reflexivity and responsibility are at play and how are they distributed across markets and other sites?
  • Second, it considers how things become objects of quantification, judgement and valuation. What gets quantified, calculated, judged and valued as part of this ‘devising work’, by whom and for what purposes.

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Lanzamiento del sitio web ‘La Salada Project’

Estimados colegas, amigos: junto a una amiga y excelente fotógrafa, Sarah Pabst, concluimos un trabajo fotográfico y sociológico que hemos disfrutado mucho de principio a fin. La Salada Project es un intento de varias cosas. Es el protocolo visual de un proyecto sociológico asentado en el Instituto Max Planck for the Study of Societies. Es un ‘abrir la ventana’ de un espacio que se lo muestra muy cerca de historias truculentas y muy escindido de fenómenos sociales y económicos que, sin embargo, comparte con otras partes de las sociedades argentina y latinoamericana. Y es el acercamiento a una economía inmensa con conexiones impensadas. El proyecto es este: www.lasaladaproject.com . Pasen, vean y, si tienen ganas, comenten o critiquen.