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Capitalization. A Cultural Guide

Image result for Capitalization A Cultural Guide[Presses des Mines acaba de publicar el nuevo libro Capitalization. A Cultural Guide de Fabian Muniesa y 10(¡!) co-autores. El equipo incluye Álvaro Piña-Stranger, que alguna vez escribió en este blog. Muniesa explicó en español los alcances de este proyecto durante su visita a Chile en 2016. Por ejemplo en esta presentación y en esta excelente entrevista en Radio Universidad de Chile]

Capitalization. A Cultural Guide

What does it mean to turn something into capital? What does considering things as assets entail? What does the prevalence of an investor’s viewpoint require? What is this culture of valuation that asks that we capitalize on everything? How can we make sense of the traits, necessities and upshots of this pervasive cultural condition?

This book takes the reader to an ethnographic stroll down the trail of capitalization. Start-up companies, research centers, consulting firms, state enterprises, investment banks, public administrations: the territory can certainly prove strange and disorienting at first sight, with its blurred boundaries between private appropriation and public interest, economic sanity and moral breakdown, the literal and the metaphorical, the practical and the ideological. The traveler certainly requires a resolutely pragmatist attitude, and a taste for the meanders of signification. But in all the sites in which we set foot in this inquiry we recognize a recurring semiotic complex: a scenario of valuation in which things signify by virtue of their capacity to become assets in the eye of an imagined investor.
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workshop: Real Economy: Ethnographic Inquiries into the Reality and the Realization of Economic Life. Rio de Janeiro June 16-18

[Hablando de excelentes Workshops…. Del 16 al 18 de Junio en Rio de Janeiro de llevará a cabo “Real Economy: Ethnographic Inquiries into the Reality and the Realization of Economic Life”. Entre otros, el programa incluye a Jane I. Guyer, Benoit de l’Estoile, Alexandre Roig, Fernando Rabossi, Keith Hart, Jeanne Lazarus, Federico Neiburg, Horacio Ortiz y Caitlin Zaloom. Además los ilustres contribuidores de Estudios de la Economía: Gustavo Onto, Mariana Luzzi, Ariel Wilkis y Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra]

A Wenner-Gren workshop: Real Economy: Ethnographic Inquiries into the Reality and the Realization of Economic Life. Rio de Janeiro June 16-18

The workshop will focus on discussing the history and current construction of the ‘real economy,’ a key category in contemporary economic thinking and practices, both in the world of experts and in ordinary life. The real economy and its opposites (the virtual or fictitious economy) have become increasingly central to interpretations of the experiences of globalization, economic crises and financial fluxes, to measurements of poverty and consumption, as well as to analyses of the nature of money or the conceptualization and implementation of monetary policies. The papers to be presented at the workshop (highly diversified in terms of ethnographic settings and institutional affiliations of their authors) will allow for a profound and innovative ethnographic and comparative comprehension of the entanglements and assemblages between native modes of conceptualizing and referring to the ‘reality’ of economy life and modes of turning diverse aspects of ‘the economy’ into an observable, quantifiable and objectified reality. Continue reading

Video de la charla de Fabian Muniesa en UDP: ¿A dónde va la antropología del valor financiero?

A. Wilkis responde a sus críticos en debate sobre Las Sospechas del Dinero

Portada Sospechas del Dinero[La categoría “debate” es una sección dedicada a discutir a partir de libros publicados por los contribuidores de Estudios de la Economía. En este post Ariel Wilkis responde a los comentarios sobre su libro Las Sospechas del Dinero: Moral y Economía en la Vida Popular (Paidos 2013) de Taylor Nelms y Felipe González]

Comienzo estas breves líneas agradeciendo tanto a Taylor Nelms como a Felipe Gonzáles por tomarse ambos el tiempo para reflexionar sobre mi libro. También agradezco el espacio cedido por el queridísimo blog Estudiosdelaeconomía para generar estos intercambios. El objetivo de estas líneas es retomar las reflexiones de Taylor y Felipe como disparadores para ampliar la imaginación sociológica que trazó los límites de Las sospechas del dinero. Continue reading

Capitalizing on Performativity: Performing on Capitalization

Symposium Capitalizing on Performativity: Performing on Capitalization. 16-17 October 2014, Paris con la participación de los colaboradores de Estudios de la Economía: Daniel Fridman y Álvaro Pina-Stranger.

A cogent appraisal of the spirit of contemporary capitalism and its problems calls for renewed attention to the performative. Business schools, consultancy firms, corporations, investment banks, start-up companies, market research agencies, public administrations and other sites of business life are characterized by the presence of habits, idioms and apparatuses that constitute a significant part of the reality of business. These include techniques for the simulation of business situations, methods for the explanation of business problems, instruments for the valuation of business endeavours, and tools for the presentation of business outcomes. But simulation, explanation, valuation and presentation are not only about accounting for external states of affair. They are, at least in part, about moulding, enacting, provoking and effecting the business realities they signify. Continue reading