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“Dinero y sentimientos” de Marion Fourcade traducido en Revista Apuntes

[Tomamos prestada la siguiente nota de un comentario de Daniel Fridman en redes sociales] 

“Entre otros artículos de este número de Apuntes, quiero destacar la traducción del artículo de Marion Fourcade sobre valuación de las catástrofes naturales en Francia y USA. Para los hispanohablantes que les interesa la sociología económica, valuación, dinero, y otros temas que el artículo toca, no solamente es un artículo central, sino un ejemplo de excelente investigación y análisis en sociología en general. Léanlo y úsenlo en sus clases!”

Dinero y sentimientos: Valuación económica y la naturaleza de la “Naturaleza”

Marion Fourcade


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Fabian Muniesa presenta ¿A dónde va la antropología del valor financiero? UDP 20 Abril


Fabián Muniesa, sociólogo del Centro de Sociología de la Innovación de la Escuela de Minas de París, propone examinar las características del síndrome cultural de la valorización financiera, re pensando el valor económico desde un nuevo punto de vista de las ciencias sociales y las humanidades. 20 de abril, 11.30hrs. Auditorio Biblioteca Nicanor Parra. Entrada Liberada. Continue reading

CfP_From Prizes to Prices and Vice Versa

Call for Papers: Prizes and Prices: From Prizes to Prices and Vice Versa. As part of a broader project –Performances of Value: Competition and Competitions Inside and Outside Markets– we call for papers for a workshop that will take place on January 13-14, 2017 at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. Organizers: David Stark (PI), Elena Esposito, Kristian Kreiner, Celia Lury, Fabian Muniesa, and Christine Musselin. Costs for travel, lodging, and meals for workshop participants will be covered by a grant from The Leverhulme Trust. Abstracts of no longer than 500 words should be submitted by May 31, 2016. All submissions should be made toAna.Gross@warwick.ac.ukContinue reading

Valor Economico: the search for value in economic reporting in Brazil

Valor Economico is currently the leading economic journal in Brazil. Despite it’s being relatively new (it was created in 2000), it has quickly become the top venue for specialised economic discussion. Inspired by the Financial Times, Valor aims to produce pluralistic, well-informed, analytical reporting on the economy, and the social and political issues that surround business. As its title suggests, the journal claims to produce news that generates economic value. How to explain Valor’s rapid success? This post draws on three months of ethnographic observations in Valor Economico’s Sao Paulo newsroom and on thirty interviews with members of its staff. I’m grateful for the generous disposition of Valor’s editorial direction, and the many journalists who shared their working practices and perspectives with me. Without their openness, this research would not be possible. Continue reading